“I get involved in a lot of migration programmes and have first-hand experience of the pain points. MigrationStudio is a solution I depend upon as it enables me to plan the workstream, optimise the effort, communicate with the user-base and execute the migration in an extremely efficient manner. I find that using this solution saves a significant amount of time, money and effort which is why I won’t manage a migration without it.
— Rob Francis, Senior Consultant, Xtravirt

Planning for migration means considering many systems

Due to the complex nature of migrations it's typical for project managers to rely on data from multiple systems for mission-critical decision-making. MigrationStudio takes this pain away by connecting to multiple business systems, amalgamating data, and presenting the team with a 'single pane of glass' view of the estate for all-round visibility.

Migrations impact 1000's of users, computers and applications

To deliver migration programmes effectively you need visibility and control of all the moving parts. MigrationStudio provides a deep insight into a the organisation's resources and provides a Project Portal where the team can plan, monitor and execute the migration more effectively than is possible with spreadsheets and in-house systems.

Are we ready today? Who will be ready tomorrow?

MigrationStudio’s 'single pane of glass' dashboard and reporting allow you to get real-time readiness reports of departments, locations, users and computers across your estate so you know when you are ready to deploy. MigrationStudio's 'What If?' analysis takes planning to the next level by allowing you to simulate any scenario and instantly view the business impact.

Where should we focus our effort today?

One of the keys to saving time and money during a migration is to optimise the delivery. MigrationStudio priorities the workload automatically allowing you to begin the deployment phase of the migration many months earlier than was previously possible. This has repeatedly proven to result in significant time and cost savings.