Maintenance FAQ

What is software maintenance?
MigrationStudio Software maintenance includes access to technical support and any software upgrades, patches and bug fixes that may become available for your licensed software during the active term of your maintenance agreement. Software Maintenance is also provided alongside a Subscription License throughout the subscription term.

How much does software maintenance cost?
Software maintenance renewal costs are calculated at 20% of the total licence fee. For example if you purchase 500 licences initially, then purchase 250 further licences a month later, the maintenance will be calculated on the cost of the 750 licences. The cost of Software Maintenance is included within a Subscription License.

What is meant by support expiration?
MigrationStudio Software is typically purchased with 12 months of software maintenance. Once this initial maintenance period comes to an end on the anniversary of your software license purchase, software maintenance services are no longer available unless renewed.

When will I receive a notification that my maintenance will be expiring?
We send our renewal notices out 60-90 days prior to the expiration of maintenance, to ensure appropriate time is given to validate the use of licenses, seek the necessary purchase approvals and to complete the procurement process.

Why is it important to renew before my maintenance expires?
A renewal prior to expiration ensures continuous maintenance services and avoidance of the additional costs related to lapsing on support.

What happens if I don’t want to renew my maintenance?
If your maintenance lapses, you will not have access to technical support or software upgrades, patches and bug fixes. 

Why do I have to pay back maintenance fees if I lapse on support?
During any period of maintenance lapse, we continue to invest in R&D related to the product to provide upgrades/newer versions. When you reinstate your maintenance you receive the benefit of these developments that took place during the lapsed period.

What is the reinstatement fee? 
This is a late fee for contracts that were not renewed prior to their expiration date. This is calculated based on the number of months for which you were out of maintenance. For example, if your maintenance lapses for five months your reinstatement fee will be 5/12 of the year's maintenance cost.

I didn't use technical support last year. Do I need to pay for service this year?
Customer's support needs vary from year to year. There may be one year where they need little support, and another where they need more than their annual fee may cover. In either case, we are available and support them for their annual maintenance fee. 

Why is it important to stay current on support? Can’t I just pay as needed for technical support?
No. You can never predict when you will need support. A current maintenance contract ensures that support services are available if and when you do actually need them. Remember that a current support contract not only provides you with technical support, but you also continue to receive all the patches/fixes, updates and new versions of your software product.

Can I renew just the maintenance and not support?
No. Your maintenance and support are combined under your contract.

Why does support start at the time of invoicing and not at the time of installation?
As soon as you are invoiced you are eligible to begin use of your product. We do not know when actual implementation will occur, and we ensure your services are available at the point in time that we sell you the product.

What happens if I don’t renew? Can I still use my license?
Perpetual license customers will continue to be able to use the then-current version of their licensed software, however without a current maintenance contract in place, you will not have access to technical support, you will not have the opportunity to download the latest version of patches and fixes, you will not be able to transfer the license to another host/machine, you will not be able to download for reinstall purposes and you will not be able to request new product keys. Should you need support moving forward, you will need to contact us to reinstate your support maintenance contract and will incur the associated reinstatement fees.s