Windows As A Service - Evergreen.

MigrationStudio has a powerful module to help you with keeping your Windows estate up to date in line with Microsoft’s support timescales and release cadence. Following tried and tested principles MigrationStudio will bring command and control to your Evergreen Process and allow you get current and stay current with the smallest of teams.

We do this by taking some hard-won lessons and firmly grounding them in our solution, the Evergreen Service Module will allow you to apply them to your business, resulting in a up to date secure estate and a great user experience.

The graphic below shows an example timeline for an annual upgrade of Windows 10. The Evergreen Service Module will allow teams to layer many deployments such as Windows 10, Office365, drivers and core build components to an entire estate.



Users and devices are being upgraded or serviced at times that are inappropriate leading to disruption of VIP's, Seniors, Production Devices & special machines such as door access control pc's for example.

ESM has, baked in, the ability to service any user or device on a given day thus preventing unexpected upgrades. Users, teams and special devices can be avoided until an appropriate time is agreed.


Cadence & Risk

Waiting until the version of Operating System or Office-365 are approaching end of life is causing devices to be serviced too fast leading to support bubbles, IT teams are stretched during high cadence servicing, leaving users waiting for answers.

A core principal of ESM allows servicing within the lifecycle of a Windows 10 or O365 update so upgrades can be deployed over an extended time reducing the amount of change and risk in your business every day, lower than 1% per day. It’s a jog not a sprint.



So often IT departments are sending upgrades via WSUS or SCCM to a client estate and then working out what fails because until now there really is no other way. Using the powerful decision engine within MigrationStudio allows Evergreen teams to avoid issues such as Dark Clients, limited disk space, incompatible business applications or other business logic such as what building a device is in. Driving quality and a great user experience - servicing what you can, fixing what you can't.


Business Intelligence

Upgrading the sales floor in the weeks before Christmas, deploying to Finance in the days after year end or hitting production control machines when production is running 24/7 are all examples of poor business intelligence when servicing Windows 10, O365 and other client components such as drivers.

The current, validated, aggregated data with MigrationStudio allows the ESM decision engine to apply some business intelligence and allows for a far smoother, less disruptive upgrade.