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Leading international infrastructure group save £640k and 3 months in time on their desktop transformation programme thanks to AppTracker.

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The Co-operative realised early in the project that one of their biggest challenges would be the delivery of 1,400 applications. With the help of AppTracker, the transformation and migration of applications and 3,500 users commenced.

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Reviews - AppTracker Overview

AppTracker helps you to speed up application delivery by centrally tracking each application through the lifecycle: Initial request from our Portal, discovery and packaging, monitoring defects and dependencies, QA, managed UAT, then adding your apps to deployments tools via automation.

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Track users, their applications and devices along with survey data and their migration schedule. For machines, you can follow their progress through migration along with hardware to help with migration related decisions. MigrationStudio also facilitates end user notifications by sending reminder/status emails to keep users informed throughout the project, and follows up the migration with satisfaction surveys.

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In previous blog posts, I covered using Microsoft’s Application Compatibility Toolkit tool to gather a list of applications in your environment and to rationalize that list. It leaves a lot to be desired! In my experience, I was always better off just taking the raw data from ACT, putting it in an excel spreadsheet and manually consolidating the list. Which takes a lot of time, the list can also get out of hand quickly! There’s only so much an Excel data filter and charts can provide. That’s why I was pretty happy to discover MigrationStudio. 

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In this post I’m going to take a look at an ALM solution called AppTracker. I first met the AppTracker team at the AppManagEvent in Utrecht in 2013 where one of their founders (Justin Pickup) spoke to me enthusiastically about their offering. I’ve since followed their progress and in their latest release (version 5) I collaborated with the AppTracker team to help implement some ITNinja community integration.

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