Dell Software and AppTracker - Faster, easier migrations

We are big fans of collaboration at AppTracker. Why? It allows us to obtain more value from existing systems by connecting them to AppTracker. A good example of this is where an organisation is about to undergo a transformation programme such as a Windows 10 migration. They need to understand what software and hardware is in use in the current environment to be able to efficiently plan for the migration. By connecting AppTracker to inventory solutions we can add a tremendous amount of value through migration planning and optimisation. This leads to significant time and cost savings.

We've just added a new connector for Dell Asset Manager (a hardware and software inventory solution) and the results are impressive.

How fast? Seriously fast.

We've done enough transformation projects to know that good planning can reap huge rewards in the long term, so this week I wanted to focus on AppTracker's planning capabilities. The data in the screenshot below is from a real-life Windows 8.1 migration currently in progress. 

Overview: A large organisation want to mobilise their workforce by replacing legacy desktops with Windows 8.1 tablets and laptops. They use a software asset management (SAM) solution to discover which users use which applications. This produces a huge volume of data:

  • Over 3,000 apps in use in the organisation
  • 700,000 application usage records appended daily with new data

The traditional approach for the applications team is to start getting the 3,000 apps ready for the new environment. This involves discovery, packaging, UAT, release to Live etc. Once most of the applications (80-90%) have been through the full readiness process we can start to migrate our users to Windows 8.1. The issue here is that we have to wait 12 months or more before these 3,000 applications are ready. 

Thankfully there is a better way which will save a huge amount of time and money:

AppTracker Application Prioritisation ("AAP")

AppTracker Application Prioritisation

AAP allows you to specify how many applications the team can get ready each week. I chose 55 per week for this example. It's a big number, but there's a big team working on this one. AppTracker looks at the data feed from the software asset management solution, and works out which applications you need to get ready each week based on which application the business use the most. Because AppTracker knows which users need which applications, it can then tell you when each user is ready to migrate.

"With just 20% of the applications ready 

we can migrate 79% of the users"

In the screenshot above each orange bar represents a week and the green line shows how many users are ready for migration on that week. The selected orange bar is 10 weeks into the project. At this point we have 20% of the applications ready, and we can migrate 79% of the users. This allows us to start the deployment phase of the project over six months earlier than is possible without AppTracker's planning capabilities. Now there's a cost saving that'll put a smile on the CFO's face...

Welcome Lloyds

We are pleased to welcome Lloyds Banking Group as users of AppTracker. 

Lloyds Banking Group are a financial services group with more than 30 million customers in the UK, and a foothold in every community. We are familiar on almost every high street and among more than a million businesses through our strong heritage of Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, TSB, Scottish Widows, and other brands. 

Welcome Investec

We are pleased to welcome Investec as users of AppTracker
Investec provide a diverse range of financial products and services to a niche client base in three principal markets, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia, as well as certain other geographies.
Investec’s strategic goals are motivated by the desire to develop an efficient and integrated business on an international scale through the active pursuit of clearly established core competencies in the group’s principal business areas.

Welcome Direct Line Group

We are pleased to welcome Direct Line Group as users of AppTracker
Direct line Group is a retail general insurer with market positions in the UK and businesses in Italy and Germany. They have a UK personal motor market share of 19% and UK home insurance market share 18%
Direct Line Group sell and underwrite personal and SME business insurance over the phone, online and through brokers. Their primary businesses include: Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, Green Flag, NIG, Tracker, and Brand Partners such as Prudential and RBS/NatWest

Welcome M&G

We are pleased to welcome M&G as users of AppTracker

M&G look after investments for over 365,000 investors, with over £228 billion (€279 billion; $369 billion) under our management invested in equities, fixed income and property (as at 31 December 2012). They manage assets on behalf of a wide variety of investors across UK, Europe, Asia, the Americas and South Africa.

Welcome Liverpool Direct

We are pleased to welcome Liverpool Direct as users of AppTracker

Liverpool Direct Limited is the largest public/private partnership of its kind in the UK and was formed in 2001 by BT and Liverpool City Council. They currently employ over 1,300 people.

Their remarkable growth and success has been based on significant and sustained capital investment, high quality staff supported by high quality ICT, and by the ethos of 'placing the customer at the heart of the organisation'.



Welcome co-operative

We are pleased to welcome the co-operative group as users of AppTracker

The co-operative is a United Kingdom consumer cooperative with a diverse range of business interests. It is co-operatively run and owned by its members. It is the largest organisation of this type in the world, with over 6 million members,who have a say in how the business is run and how its social goals are achieved. The group comprises a family of businesses, including: Food, Travel, Financial Services, Healthcare, Funeralcare, Legal Services, Motors and Online Electricals.

Welcome Hewlett-Packard

We are pleased to welcome HP as users of AppTracker. 

Hewlett-Packard Company or HP is an American multinational information technology corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States that provides products, technologies, software, solutions and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.