AppTracker Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance


AppTracker announced today that the company has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance Program to deliver faster, cheaper Windows 10 migrations and application management by utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

The goal of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Alliance is to create, nurture and grow a strong eco-system across a broad set of Enterprise Cloud Products delivering the best on premise, hosted and Public Cloud solutions in the industry. The Alliance was formed to promote and support partners providing integrations and extensions to existing Microsoft products.

"AppTracker enables organisations to transition quickly and easily to new operating systems such as Windows 10 by taking feeds from many disparate systems and intelligently layering the data to make sense of it via a single, cloud-based IT migration portal.

AppTracker reduces the costs and disruption of migration whilst allowing the business to continue functioning as normal. AppTracker provides optimised work-plans which accelerate the point at which deployment can begin.

Migration programmes often struggle when the unexpected occurs. AppTracker's real-time "readiness to migrate" reporting and "what-if?" analysis ensure the project team have visibility of what is happening now, and what might happen in the future. This forward-looking approach has repeatedly proven to deliver successful change programmes whilst reducing timecost, effort and disruption."

To learn more about how AppTracker products work within the Azure Cloud infrastructure, please contact us.

About AppTracker

AppTracker have been providing market-leading migration and application migration solutions since 2010. AppTracker provides the business intelligence, collaborative knowledge, workflow and automation to manage applications, users and devices. AppTracker presents a "single version of the truth" whether going through change or maintaining a business as usual environment.