ITNinja Integration in v5


Anyone who's spent time as an application packager will have no doubt used the fantastic community site ITNinja to gain an understanding of how best to package and deploy applications. This is the number one resource for application specialists globally and has over 500,000 visitors per month. It contains a knowledge-base of over 350,000 software titles with over 7,000 deployment tips.

As an ex-application packager myself I appreciate that fast-tracking repetitive tasks makes me a) more productive, and b) happier. Therefore it makes complete sense for AppTracker to be able to "pin" ITNinja deployment tips to each application, saving time and money by reducing the effort involved in locating the pertinent information each time it's required.

We've been working closely with Bob Kelly and the team at ITNinja and we're very excited to announce that AppTracker 5.0 will be the first third-party solution to utilise ITNinja's API. See the video below for a demo. Captions are available if you don't have audio.

ITNinja integration is available in both AppTracker Cloud and AppTracker (On-Prem).