Integrating AppTracker with an automated testing tool: eggPlant

During a recent conversation with a prospect we discussed web browser migrations. This organisation had recently undertaken a difficult browser migration and wanted to understand how we could help streamline future migrations.

We demonstrated the application lifecycle management features of AppTracker and showed how this saves time and money through centralised collaborative workflow. They could see the value this would add, and wanted to understand how further efficiencies could be achieved through automated testing. We therefore spent a little time integrating AppTracker with a product called eggPlant and the results are impressive. 

As the video shows, you can now manage an application's lifecycle AND trigger batch automated testing through the AppTracker user interface. This kind of integration can be applied to any software which supports command lines or API calls. It opens up some very interesting opportunities for automation.

Note that captions are available for those without audio by pressing the CC button.