What's new in AppTracker 4.5?


We're very excited to announce that AppTracker 4.5 is now available! There are two new features introduced in this release: Migration Scheduling and an all-new Dashboard:

Migration Scheduling

We work closely with our customers to make sure we deliver what they need. Where organisations are migrating their users from one system to another we have functionality to allow you to manage those users as they approach the deployment date. In AppTracker 4.5 we can now manage the scheduling right down to individual users, and we can help ease the process by displaying custom fields such as how large each user's personal data folder is. Here's an overview of how to use this new functionality:

1. Define Migration Sessions

2. Add Users to Sessions

3. View Calendar

4. Auto Schedule remaining users


AppTracker 4.5 features an all-new fully customisable dashboard. Key features:

  • Create custom layouts
  • Create custom widgets
  • Filter widgets based on Blueprint (Eg. Location or Department)
  • Assign different dashboards to different users in the organisation
  • Managers can have the dashboard emailed to them on a daily basis so they can keep an eye on progress minimal effort


The "applications" layout


THE "user migrations" LAYOUT


Customise the dashboard


Assign dashboard to users

How do I get AppTracker 4.5?

Existing AppTracker users who are in maintenance are entitled to a free upgrade. For new sales enquiries please get in touch here.