New White Paper: How much money can you save with a Collaborative Workflow tool?

When you work with a product day in day out for many years, you gain a deep understanding of exactly how that product adds value to an organisation's processes. We've been working with our collaborative workflow tool, AppTracker, for over ten years now. We've been involved in many projects and have seen a multitude of approaches to managing applications, both with and without workflow tools. We therefore have a good understanding of how workflow tools can help organisations to save time and money.

We wanted to share this knowledge in a format which is useful for anyone considering investing in a workflow tool. We have therefore written a white paper which explores the journey an application takes from its initial request, via packaging, QA, UAT and deployment to live, and finally to retirement. What value is added by utilising a workflow tool? How much time and money can you save? Read the white paper to find answers to these questions.

Download the white paper