Take a sneak peek at our new Dashboard...

When we started out with AppTracker we were only tracking applications through their lifecycle. We're now hooking into multiple systems and tracking users, so the current dashboard can be limited.

We're therefore very keen to build a completely new dashboard which is user-centric and highly configurable. We've made some good progress so thought it would be useful to share what we've built so far.

The key features of the new dashboard will be:

  • A selection of predefined charts/graphs/gauges known as widgets which can be snapped into the dashboard
  • Widgets can be moved, re-sized and removed as required
  • Each widget can be filtered so it only shows data from a specific region/office/department (for an example take a look at the screenshot below where we have the four App Testing results widgets for the four regions in our demo organisation)
  • Dashboard layouts are saved for each user
  • Pre-configured dashboards for different roles in the organisation will be available so the "Applications Team Lead" will see a different default dashboard to the "Programme Manager"

We are hoping to release this in Q2 2015.

Here's a beta screenshot. Feedback is always welcome.