Perpetual migration machines

Boyle's self-flowing flask, a perpetual motion machine

We've been talking to a number of big organisations recently about Application Management. From those we've spoken to there is a big drive towards centralising the planning and management of application management at the moment. IT departments are struggling with the application-based demands of the business and they need to get a handle on this fast. 

What has changed recently to make this fundamental to today's world? There has been a shift in focus towards an application-centric workplace. I'm not just talking about mobile devices here, I'm taking about all devices. I'm not suggested that this is breaking news - It's been talked about for years, but it can take time for the large organisations to catch up, and I suspect that's what's happening here.

The most interesting point to be revealed from these conversations is this: The very large organisations don't go through the typical BAU -> Migration -> BAU cycle. They're just too big. They have to apply an approach which is closer to Painting the Forth Bridge whereby the process takes so long that by time you have finished you need to start again. And this got me thinking; unlike the perpetual motion machine like Boyle's (pictured above) the perpetual migration machines really do exist.