Using Custom Properties

There are 18 custom properties available for clients to configure. These are split into 8 textboxes, 5 dropdowns, 3 date/time pickers and 2 date pickers. These properties are displayed on the App Details tab under the blueprints and can also be displayed on the main application grid.

Custom Properties


Admin Section -> Applications Tab

Note: Any changes you make in the Admin section are not reflected in AppTracker until after you refresh your browser.

The App Detail Fields tab shows all of the available properties in AppTracker and allows you to turn them on/off or rename them. It also allows to you choose which fields are displayed on the main grid. 


  • Display As:  This is the name of the custom property you are using.
  • Is Visible: Turns the property on in the App Details tab.
  • Is ReadOnly: Valid on textboxes if ticked the users can’t edit this field
  • Is Enabled: Valid on date pickers and dropdowns, if ticked users can’t edit these values
  • Show On Grid: Tick to show this property on the main grid
  • Grid Index: This controls the order of the columns on the main grid. 

Main Grid Context Menu

If you turn on a custom date or dropdown setting the values in bulk becomes available on the main grid. 

Context Menu

Custom Dates

Custom Dates 1-3 display as Date/Time pickers and Custom Dates 4 & 5 display are displayed as date pickers.

Date Time Picker

Date Time Picker

Date Picker

Date Picker


The List 1-5 properties require some extra configuration to populate the options in the dropdowns.

Admin -> Miscellaneous Config -> Dropdown Items

To create drop-down options 

  1. Add a new row
  2. Set the Group Name to CustomPropertListX
  3. Set the Item Value to your drop-down option
  4. If the sort order is set to 0 it will sort alphabetically, you can override this by specifying a number here
  5. Set the visibility of the option. By default this is false so you will need to tick it


I want to create drop-down called Direction and have four options. “Left, Right, Up, Down”

I will use CustomPropertyList2 and set its “Display As” to “Direction”

Then I go to the “Miscellaneous Config -> Dropdown Items” and add four new rows


In the App Details it looks this:

App Details

On the Main Grid it looks like this:

Main Grid