New AppTracker Reports & Analysis

Four new reports have been added to AppTracker

  1. Packaging Impact Analysis
  2. User-Apps Readiness Report
  3. Blueprint-App Readiness Report
  4. Deployment Unit Apps Readiness Report

To access these reports, just select the users you wish to report on and the Click Reports as shown below:

New Reports

It's been an extremely busy four months with AppTracker. The User Migration module is really coming on in leaps and bounds with the new Application Readiness reports. It's now possible to answer the question:

"which applications do I have to package first in order to  provide the most amount of users ready for migration?"

These new reports put the project manager firmly in control of the user migration schedule and allow them to concentrate on the logistics of delivering the solution. It was a real eye opener to be able to go into a project the other day, analyse the data and tell the client that if they packaged the top 40 applications then 60% of their 14,000 user base could be migrated from an application perspective.

Packaging Impact Analysis

This is the highlight of AppTracker’s latest features. This report allows you see your current state of readiness (the blue bars) and your predicted state of readiness if you let AppTracker pick the applications to package first. 

Packaging Impact Analysis

By using the interactive gauges it's possible to see the effect your packaging effort will have on the overall user migration readiness. To then be able to break that data down into Blueprints (i.e. by department or geographical area) and confidently say that the Finance department will be in a position to be migrated in September is very powerful indeed.

Impact Analysis Guages

These new reports can be accessed from the Reports menu in the User Migration and Deployment Unit sections of AppTracker.

User Apps Readiness Report

This is an update to the previous User Apps Readiness Report but it now has a new layout and better ‘What If’ options so you can see the impact of packaging specific apps or whole processed of apps on your estate. 

User Apps Readiness

Blueprint Apps Readiness Report

Get individual Readiness of your users on a Blueprint level, see which Blueprints are closest to being ready.

Blueprint Apps Readiness

Deployment Unit Apps Readiness Report

Get individual Readiness of your users on a Deployment Unit, see which DU’s are closest to being ready.

Deployment Unit Apps Readiness