Email and Notifications

AppTracker supports sending emails from AppTracker to users and application testers. The “My Settings” section of AppTracker list a number of “AppTracker Events” that users can choose to subscribe to. AppTracker also supports popup notifications allowing users to get alerts even if there is no email server available.

Popup Notifications

It’s possible to run AppTracker locally as well as access from your browser. When running locally AppTracker has some extra functionality such as pop-up notifications. These pop-ups look very much like the new mail notifications in Outlook and contain a mini view of the information contained in the corresponding email notification. It’s possible to set your alerts to “Email Only, “Notifications Only” or “Both”.

Email Events & Settings

Event Scope - Paused / Global / Blueprint

Nearly all email events have three options for deciding when to send them .

  • Paused – No alerts will be sent for this event 
  • Blueprint – The user will only receive an alert if the application firing this event is in the list of Blueprints the user is “Watching”. This is very useful if it is a large project and users work has been partitioned off into Blueprints. 
  • Global – The user will receive an alert each time this event is fired anywhere in AppTracker, this is not affected by which Blueprints user is “Watching”

Email Events & Settings

AppTracker Email Events

Here is the current list of “AppTracker Events” a user can listen for, this list is continually growing.


  • Application is assigned to me
  • New application is raised
  • Application is added to a Blueprint
  • Application is removed from a Blueprint
  • Application is placed On / Off Hold
  • Application is Archived / Un-Archived
  • Application has been deleted

Application Testing

  • Application test is signed off
  • Copy me in tests I send
  • Notify my of any tests sent
  • Test machine status changed
  • Test machine assigned to me


  • Publishing request raised
  • Publishing request is complete
  • Publishing status has changed

User Migration

  • User signs off an audit
  • Users bulk import complete


Watching processes works slightly different; a user ticks the processes they need to monitor and will receive a email/notification when an application enters one of those processes. Watching processes can also be restricted to applications in particular Blueprints.

Email Templates

While AppTracker contains a default message for all of the events above, it is possible to override this default message using some html and AppTracker key words (e.g. [%ApplicationName%],[%Process%][%OwnerName%]) to construct your own email messages.