API & PowerShell

It has long been a goal of us here to allow AppTracker to be used as a platform, our API is a big step towards that goal. Using our API developers and scripters can build extensions to AppTracker bespoke to their business requirements.

AppTracker’s API is a soap based web service that can be accessed from PowerShell, Excel and traditional desktop applications. The API uses AppTracker’s role based security and every call is checked and validated.

Example Scenarios:

  • Custom Reports – Create in-depth excel reports with colours, conditions, charts and more.
  • Automate Tasks – Documentation, group membership, copy files and folders etc.
  • AD Integration – Add users to groups, create users in AT from AD group membership.

  • SCCM Integration – Create packages and collections in SCCM from AppTracker
  • Capture Events – App Raised , Processes Changed, UAT’s signed off etc.


PowerShell Module

To make accessing the API even easier we have created a PowerShell module of over 90 Cmdlets!

Example Cmdlets:

  • Get-ATAllApplications
  • Add-ATNewApplication
  • Add-ATApplicationDependencies
  • Save-ATApplication
  • Search-ATApplicationsByProcess
  • Get-UserMigrationsRequestingAnApplication
  • Get-ATAllUserMigrations
  • Save-ATUserMigration
  • Get-ATUserMigrationDataMiningReport
  • Get-ATApplicationDataMiningReport
  • Search-ATDeploymentUnitsByDateRange