MigrationStudio Evergreen Launch Night

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Thursday 19th September marked the launch of the MigrationStudio Evergreen Module.


There was a well-attended event at the exclusive Eight Club in London where guests were treated to a great Evergreen presentation by Roz Greenwood from Associated British Foods (ABF).

The ABF Shared Service Centre takes care of many ABF owned companies.

The ABF Shared Service Centre takes care of many ABF owned companies.

Working closely with ABF over the last 12 months MigrationStudio have developed the Evergreen Service Module to manage the servicing of the ABF Windows 10 estate, but that’s more the end of the story and Roz started at the beginning.

Roz works for ABF in its Shared Service Centre (SSC), a facility that currently provides common IT services to 32 of the ABF group owned companies on over 180 sites in 32 countries. The SSC is responsible for things like Email, Datacentres, Citrix, VMWare and Windows 10 Clients amongst other things. 


Back in 2015 ABF decided to “Onboard” 8 of the USA owned companies across over 30 sites into the SSC. MigrationStudio was selected as the tool to help this process. So, during 2016 1400 new users were welcomed to the SSC on very early versions of Windows 10. Early in 2017 ABF made the strategic decision to upgrade the existing SSC managed companies to Windows 10 and this work was completed using an automated migration process with MigrationStudio from late 2017 until January 19. Users were able to initiate their own migrations!

Keep your whole estate Evergreen

Keep your whole estate Evergreen

Roz went on to say that during 2018 focus also had to return to the clients deployed in North America in 2016 as the Windows 10 build installed there was approaching end of support and would no longer be patched. Accounting for every device, tracking its user and managing its upgrade became a full-time job for several engineers, some of which had to be pulled in from the European inflight Windows 10 project. As MigrationStudio studio already held almost all of the data for these Windows clients ABF approached Justin Pickup from MigrationStudio and shortly afterwards the Evergreen Service Module 1.0 was born, and it made an immediate difference. Finally, there was a single pane of glass view on the whole process with in-play reporting. It allowed ABF to find machines and schedule them for upgrade over time and trap the reasons that machines could not be upgraded. Additionally, special machines i.e. Production Machines, VIP’s etc could be scheduled at appropriate times, more scheduling options soon followed with features such as start delays, bank holiday pauses and clash avoidance.


As Roz explained since January 2019 the ESM tooling has been used to manage the full estate at the Shared Service Centre and they have achieved amazing results, world class really. Data on one of the slides that Roz used showed that over 98.9% of devices were on Windows 10 supported versions with over 94% on the target version for Windows and Office.

Justin Pickup, Director, MigrationStudio.

Justin Pickup, Director, MigrationStudio.

Justin Pickup thanked Roz for her time, insights and support in developing the Evergreen Servicing module and went on to say that, ABF were probably the only corporate in the UK with a working, mature Evergreen Process

The building and developing of ESM has required MigrationStudio to develop quite a bit of new functionality and this has led to a whole new discipline within the tooling.

Using this module now allows massive amounts of automation within a migration project and has brought about the Rise Of The Robots…….

But that’s another story!!