Tools and tips to get your Windows 10 migration off to a flying start - Algiz Technology


I think the best way to begin is with a basic question: why is now the right time to start your Windows 10 migration? In this article I’ll explain why it is, and also give you my recommendations on software tools to use and the approach you should take to make migrating to Windows 10 as trouble-free as possible.

Remember how painful it was moving to XP and then subsequently how painful it was moving to Windows 7? Were you in one of the many organizations who left both migrations until the last minute, leaving you in a race against the clock to get off a legacy unsupported OS or be at the mercy of paying Microsoft a pretty penny for extended support? Why would you subject yourself to the same pain and pressure again?

…your Windows 10 migration could be one of the last clear cut open opportunities to build from the ground up.
Start now and give yourself more than enough time. Microsoft have made some major improvements to Windows 10, and although there were a few bumps along the way such as an inability to have total control over your Windows updates and lack of extensions with the new Edge browser, these issues have been (and are continuing) to get ironed out – Edge has several extensions available now with more to come. There’s also more control over updates in the Enterprise edition. Windows Server 2016 is now out, so there’s that desktop server pairing, plus available features such as Device Guard, Credential Guard, Windows Store for Business and App-V provide extra incentive.