What's New in MigrationStudio 7

MigrationStudio v7.0 boasts over 150 features either added or updated since v6.0 that was released in August 2016


AD & SCCM Integration


Now with even tighter integration than previous versions. MigrationStudio could always schedule migrations but now it can also publish Apps to SCCM and create OS Migration jobs as well as monitor progress as the OS is upgraded.

User Self-Scheduling


Having trouble scheduling 1,000’s of Users? let them schedule themselves. Cut down on User's missing their migration because… a report is due,  they don't work on Fridays, they have a dentist appointment.. etc.  Users can now pick their own migration slot, like picking a seat on an airplane. 


App Stacks & Dependencies


Create portfolios of Apps per department and have MigrationStudio manage assigning those Apps to the correct users. Create dependencies trees for core Apps and middleware. MigrationStudio will make sure the Users get the Apps they need.


Internet Calendars in Outlook


 MigrationStudio can now create a personalised deployment calendar right in your Outlook.  See the status of you and your team's next week without opening MigrationStudio.

Toolbar Plugins

Extend MigrationStudio for your bespoke needs, now you can write your own plugins in PowerShell and have them appear in the MigrationStudio UI. This can be used to connect to internal and 3rd party systems that are required for the success of your project.