The MigrationStudio Partner Programme

Become a partner and give yourself a competitive edge

A Windows 10 migration represents a great opportunity to channel partners to provide professional services to their existing and new customers. Here at MigrationStudio we have been busy over the past 12 months highlighting to several partners how they can use our solution to help unblock stalled migration projects, kickstart new projects and manage them from start to finish whilst making the most efficient use of in-house staff and 3rd party contractors.

Most channel partners or systems integrators will, at some point, be confronted with a complex Windows 10 migration (physical or VDI – or a mix of both). At this point there are two ways of dealing with it.

  • The manual way with all its associated complexities and potential pitfalls along with the risk of human error and inconsistencies.
  • You could use professional, enterprise-grade tools that have inbuilt, tried and tested methodologies that have been developed by professional IT migration experts. Experts that have seen the challenges and can see how to mitigate risk in such complex projects by automating much of the process.

In the latest version of MigrationStudio  we have built on the core technology and enhanced even further it’s abilities and we now have an end-to-end migration planning, management and deployment tool that helps many organisations simplify and de-risk their projects.

Benefits to Partners

  • Discount on MigrationStudio
  • Sales collateral
  • Pre-sales training
  • Partner Portal access
  • Demonstration software provided
  • Internal use software (NFR)
  • Re-branded software
  • Deal registration and support

The Kickstart Migration Programme (KMP)

When used in a pre-sales capacity MigrationStudio can really give partners a competitive edge over other companies who are using the more traditional, manual techniques. By becoming a MigrationStudio partner, you can take advantage of our: ’Kickstart Migration Programme’ and gain a deep insight into the scope and complexity of your customer’s migration projects.

What is it?

The Kickstart Migration Programme (KMP) is a fully featured version of our tried and tested MigrationStudio solution.
The software is supplied free-of-charge and is time-limited to 30 days. This should give enough time to provide a real value proposition and an understanding of how to start and finish the migration programme

Who’s it for?

Designed for our partners, the KMP is a dedicated IT migration solution that will help users make a more informed decision about their planned migration projects.
When a customer is planning a Windows 10, VDI migration, or Desktop as a Service project the partner sales engineer can request a free “KMP Assessment”.
This assessment gives the customer expert guidance, provides insight and context around the scope of the migration, the resources required for completion and Key recommendations on how to deliver the programme. It also helps mitigate many of the key risks associated with large scale transitions projects.

Benefits to Partners

  • Helps to kickstart large and complex Windows 10 and VDI migrations.
  • Unblocks stalled migration projects.
  • Builds trust and confidence with the end-user
  • Significantly speeds up adoption of VDI into the customers working environment
  • Add a competitive edge in projects where alternative technology is involved.
  • Accelerates the whole project once the end-user has decided to proceed

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