AppTracker - How it Works


One of the benefits in using a collaborative workflow tool is that the right people will be instantly notified when certain events are triggered. For example when we're setting up AppTracker we make sure that the team who validate new software requests subscribe to specific notifications. This means that they will receive an email the instant that the request for Adobe Photoshop is submitted.

New App Email.jpg

Once an application has been requested there should be some form of human intervention to validate that the request is something the business wants to proceed with. Does the requested product duplicate functionality in an existing product? Is this the right version of the product for the existing desktop/laptop/tablet/server build? Is a new license required?

Once a yes/no decision has been made, this request needs to be updated accordingly. If you're using AppTracker we have the concept of Accepting or Rejecting a submission (see screenshot) whereby an administrator can right-click the request and choose the right option.

Assuming we accept this request, the application now needs to be passed to the Discovery team. This may involve a short stroll and a chat, perhaps sending an email, or in the case of AppTracker we simply assign the application to the Discovery Team and they will be instantly notified.

Time Saving

Why is this process more efficient with a workflow tool such as AppTracker?

  • Administrators can subscribe to instant notifications of new software requests

  • Administrators have rapid access to the existing software estate, so can quickly ascertain if the new request is valid or not

  • Full tracking so previous requests can be reviewed if required

Using AppTracker to centrally validate application requests can save approximately one third of the time when compared to handling the process manually or via email.

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To see what savings are possible for your organisation please refer to our ROI Calculator.