AppTracker - How it Works


The packaging team are now aware that the discovery is complete for a new application and it's their job to build a silently deployable package, be that a setup.exe with answer file, VBScript, MSI, or perhaps an App-V package. They may also need to ensure that the application undergoes a basic runtime test to make sure it runs OK once packaged. How do you capture and share all this packaging information? There are many possibilities ranging from simple text files saved in the same folder as the package, to collaborative workflow such as AppTracker. We've been involved in many projects where no packaging notes are retained whatsoever. This generally causes issues further down the line when a rework of the application (update, patch, configuration change etc.) is required. 

Here's a screenshot of the "Application Details" tab in AppTracker where the packaging information is recorded. Note that AppTracker can be configured to collect custom data such as an internal application ID. This increases the efficiency of the packaging team as it allows them to record packaging related data in the fields, plus add any commentary in the Notes section. If they find any problems with the software they can be added and tracked in the Defects tab. Compatibility testing results can be recorded in the Compatibility tab, and any dependencies can be recorded in the Dependencies tab.

Once the packaging work is complete the QA team need to review this application. You may have a dedicated team, or you may use "peer review". In AppTracker we move the application into the "QA" process and the relevant team members are notified that the package is ready for QA.

Time Saving

Why is this process more efficient with a workflow tool such as AppTracker?

  • Discovery information is instantly accessible for rapid package creation

  • Custom data (such as internal App ID) can be maintained alongside other application metadata

  • Centralised packaging information database and notes retained for updates/reworks etc

  • Dependencies and defects raised and tracked

Using AppTracker for the packaging phase of application management allows you to save approximately 20% of the time taken if you weren't using such a tool.

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To see what savings are possible for your organisation please refer to our ROI Calculator.